Volunteer for Nice host city of the UEFA EURO 2016 is to participate at the 3rd most popular sporting event in the world!
Being a volunteer is turning a special ambassador of your city by helping visitors from all over the Europe.
Therefore, you will be approached for welcoming missions, information and guidance in the Fan Zone and the main supporters gathering points.
Join our team to experience the event from within from June 10th to July 10th 2016.


Choosing to invest within the volunteer team responsible for organizing the hosting of UEFA EURO 2016 in Nice is to participate at the biggest sporting event ever experienced in our local area.
Join us as a volunteer, is a commitment to live an enriching human experience with thousands of visitors passionate about soccer.
Beyond the sport, you will also be for one month, the Nice City ambassadors for all these fans from all around the world.
Thank you for this commitment, we inform you that you will access to the registration form.
This procedure will enable us to consider your application by respecting as far as possible your preferences in the organizational areas and sites, according to your availability which cannot be less than 1 day.
Thereafter, your website registration will allow us to send you newsletters and to inform you about the news of this major event for the City of Nice.
You can also follow the progress of your application process and others information about your affectation.
Just as in all major events organized by the City of Nice, your membership will allow you to receive in addition to your accreditation an equipment endowment and to benefit from specific advantages reserved for volunteers.
By renewing our thanks for your participation and expressing our most cordial welcome.


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